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Default Re: The Kipnis Studios' System

Holy overkill batman.

I guess you bought into the bigger (and more) is better philosophy.

I can see why you only have a two seater couch there because there must be one huge sweet spot with all the channels angled in.

Where are the room treatments?

Do you have any room EQ graphs to back up your claims of high fidelity?

Why stack all the amps in front of the speakers? Wouldn't an A/C cooled cabinet be more impressive and less obtrusive?

Since the projector isn't HDCP compliant does 480p look good upscaled to 4K?

Where are the cables and what kind did you use?

I'm wondering what 8.8 channel means? 8 discrete sub channels? What source has that? Do several subs firing independently do a better job? Bass is fairly omnidirectional so does it really matter?

For $6M I would expect a lot nicer looking room that could house 12 or more people and sound great in every seat. I think better could be built for half that amount and what's left over could feed a small village in Africa for a few years. Or buy yourself a few Ferrari's and a summer house somewhere.

Take a look at George Lucas' Stag theater at the Skywalker Ranch if you want to see a professional home theater.

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