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Default Re: High end pre/pro's. Are they worth it???

Originally Posted by fitzcaraldo215 View Post
Empirical facts? Sorry, but from everything you have said, that does not seem to be the case at all. The fact is you preferred the Classe. That is a subjective asessment. Once again, was Audyssey properly calibrated and engaged during your listening sessions? That is a simple matter of fact.
The post after yours makes a good point that bickering is pointless. I must say that I remain dumbfounded at the argument. To directly address your point, as I did not have any kind of EQ for the Classe, I did not engage the Audyssesy for the Integra so they were on even footing, both just doing their base job as a source switcher and format decoder with speaker settings and levels exactly matched. One could also make an argument that a Geo Metro going 60 mph is a better experience than going 60 mph in an S-class Mercedes Benz and declare it a matter of opinion. I have found that those to hold on to arguments that cheaper equipment is either better than or equal too higher-end product either cannot afford higher end product and therefore feel compelled to justify the value of what they do purchase or compare specs and if they are similar or the same declare them to then SOUND the same, with the cheaper product then being the more authentic piece and the higher priced unit a rip-off. Well, a Geo Metro is not better than a Mercedes, but for someone who cannot afford a Mercedes it may well be the thing to get. But it would be transparent to anyone were that person to then go around declaring their Geo to clean the clock of any Mercedes and that Mercedes (BMW, Audi, whatever) was a rip off. I do hope you enjoy your Integra since as I mentioned it is indeed a fine preamp and a world beater FOR ITS PRICE.
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