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Default Re: ML 502 Media Console

Originally Posted by Lefisc View Post
Gary, your answers help and make me feel better! I too am replacing a ML 40. I will be using the Pioneer Elite BDP-05FD blu ray.

Yes, ML and the dealer had found out what happened, they believe, and I was it when the unit was open. But I am not as technical as they are, so I hope I am clear enough. When you take off the “hood” toward the front, there are two ribbons that come up from the bottom and get attached to the top of the first circuit board. These ribbons are tight, meaning they are short. Apparently, in transit, they break off, not just come out, but break off. In following instructions from a tech person, the dealer actually held, tightly, the ribbons in place and the unit turns on.

I was told that new unit would be tested first, perhaps a longer ribbon put in and then sent to me. This will take three weeks.
That's quite a story. I guess I got lucky for once since I usually am the one to have problems with equipment (I had many with the 40). Good luck with the third 502. It should be worth the wait.
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