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Default Re: ML 502 Media Console

Originally Posted by Lefisc View Post
Thanks for the response. I was helpful. Would youu mind if I ask you a few questions? Do you have a Blu Ray player attached to your 502. if so how is the picture and most important, how is the sound? How many speakers do you have attached, I will have 6 plus a sub woofer. Thnaks!
Yes. I'm using the Denon 3800 Blu-ray. Picture and sound are excellent. I was able to stop using my DVDO processor. The one in the 502 is as good or better in many respects. I feel the sound is more detailed than the Levinson 40 which the 502 replaced. My system is 5.1 (all Martin-Logan speakers). Has Levinson given you any idea why you would have two 502's with the same problem?
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