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Originally Posted by David DelGrosso View Post
FYI... I have spoken with numerous major label execs about this topic, and none of them are against re-releasing vintage recordings in a higher-rez format IF they can sell enough copies to yield a decent profit.

The REAL obstacle is the perception (or is it a reality?) that MOST hi-rez enthusiasts utilize a main hi-rez playback system that is centered around a Hi-Def bigscreen monitor... and therefore, these consumers no longer sit around listening to music, with NO picture!!

That is why these music execs (who also control the video rights to these artists) are motivated to release a Hi-Def concert on cableTV or HD-DVD... but are reluctant to invest a lot of money producing hi-rez "music only" discs, with no picture.

So are they right? Has "listening to music in the living room" become a completely "lost art"?

David, That is it!! In fact, I just discussed this a few days ago in another thread. Outside of ourselves, no one goes home from work, eats, talks with the wife and kids, showers, then gets excited about sitting down in front of his system to enjoy music. Unfortunately, that day is done. The actually love of music for music sake, is gone. The closing here in the east village in New York of Tower Records proved that. People store thousands of songs on their I - pods not because they plan to listen to the music, or use it as a mini music server, its more about, I have 780 songs, how many do you have?
That, is where we are at now. So, there is no profit for the record company executive. I can not say it enough, the love of music as an entity unto itself, is not here anymore.
You know, I read an article some years ago, that said if your children played an instrument in school while young, there was a much deeper appreciation for music. But again, that is a smaller group now, than when we went to school, because the 2 areas where school want to cut money from is, music, the arts, and in some cases, gym. Sorry, I`m prety passionate about this area.

I and my friends, would spend hours, listening to music in our parents homes that had a basement, have a beer, and listen to music. Who does that now??
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