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Default Re: High end pre/pro's. Are they worth it???

Originally Posted by fitzcaraldo215 View Post
I did not say I thought the sound would be equal. I think the sound will be in the same ballpark on hi rez sources. After considering price - $2,000 vs. $8,000 - most people will go with the Integra, I believe.
Of course the masses will go with Integra because it's cheaper and has all the logos on it

Originally Posted by fitzcaraldo215 View Post
Looking at Kenny's point about analog out, yes, the Classe will have a much more elaborate analog out stage. But, the Integra will have a much more capable DSP-based EQ, which Classe can only promise but cannot deliver at this point. When it is delivered, it will be no match for Audyssey, especially for an Audyssey Pro ugraded Integra. The Audyssey EQ is capable of making the Integra sound much more expensive than it is. It overcomes some of the weakness of not having the most sophisticated analog out stage.
Once both units are available then hopefully independent reviewers will tell us what they think of each. And I will do I my own evaluation as well in my system and which one I prefer!
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