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Thumbs up Re: Vinyl Outsells SACD and DVD-Audio combined in 2006

Originally Posted by JerryDelColliano View Post
Amazingly, vinyl in 2006 according to publshed reports from 2006 music sales Vinyl sold 1.3 million units. SACD and DVD-Audio sold about 1 million.

Yes, that is pretty amazing. And of course we all know about the somewhat limited availability of these high rez sources which probably helped that number a bit, but, that does speak volumes about a certain segment of the population buying records. And I`ll bet, all are NOT audiophiles. I would really like to see why, who, and how many.

This also brings to mind Dr. Aix to me. Because, unless these are virgin vinyl or 180 gram releases, these of course are not brand new titles. Another reason for Mark to consider what myself and David would like him to consider.

Now, can we assume also that there has been an increase in turntable sales, or are people out there still using old Garrard, Thorens, and Dual turntables?

I loved my first Dual 1229 turntable. With a Shure V - 15Type III cartridge, it played and tracked everything!!
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