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Default Sony Announces New ES Blu-ray Player

Sony has announced that they will release a new ES-line Blu-ray Disc player promising the ultimate high definition experience to consumers. The Sony BDP-S5000ES will be BD-Live enabled and feature numerous Sony technologies in order to ensure it provides the best audio and video processing of Blu-ray discs. On the video side, it will feature an HD Reality Enhancer which continually analyzes the video stream to sharpen edges and reduce film grain. It also increases the 8-bit video depth to 14-bit for better color representation. Additional, the player will feature Sony's Super Bit Mapping which smooths color tones to provide the best video possible over an HDMI connection.

For audio, it will feature decoding and bit streaming of all audio formats. The player will have a high-stability Precision Drive HD transport mechanism in the center position, an ultra-rigid frame and beam chassis to reduce vibration and a low-leakage R-Core transformer - all ensuring the best audio performance. To further increase performance, the audio board has been separated from the video board to remove any electronic noise from transferring to the 7.1 analog outs. As a BD-Live player, it will come with a Ethernet connection and 1GB flash drive. And like the Sony BDP-S350 and upcoming BDP-S550, it will feature the PlayStation 3's XMB menu system.
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