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Exclamation HDMI 2.0 Audio Only Formatting

Originally Posted by wes View Post
Why do you need HDMi 2.0 for Audio? HDMi 1.3 should be sufficient from what I understand
Because audio-only formats are on the way! This mandates (according to HDMI doctrine) a new standard where video information is absent. Many 1.3 and lower compatible components (like A/V receivers) might reject (or mute) the incoming bit stream if no video is present (as sometimes happens with BD, HD-DVD, HD Cable & Satellite when one changes channels or tracks).

To avoid any possible loss of signal, 2.0 includes a revised version of the platform specifically designed for audio (without video) on HDMI. This will become more common place as audio-only source components start using HDMI instead of SPDIF on coaxial or toslink!
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