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Default Re: HD DVD - the best deal in HD

Once again, HD DVD still beats the hell out of DVD. I will not buy dvds anymore. HD DVDs are now at Fry's in $8 - $12 range which is a great deal especially for HD media. We bought 10 HD DVDs last week which included the MI and Matrix trilogies for ~$27/trilogy.

I still have 3 players that support HD DVD. Two of which are LG dual format players which are still supported by LG.

Kennyt, when your are ready to dump your HD DVD collection, I'll send you an empty, pre-paid box to send them to me . Also, as you said, most of the HD DVD players have excellent up-conversion. So, if I had to buy a DVD player, I would probably try to find an HD DVD player before buying just a standard old DVD player.
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