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Originally Posted by wes View Post
1.3 should be it. It pass deep color and is already good for all new codec DST-HD Master Audio and DD true HD so I think we should be good for the next five years or more

By the way even Sony 8K projector ($100,000) doesn't do deep color so I don't think we have to worry for at least five years or more.

As far as I am concern Blu Ray is good enough for me on a 2:35 10 feet wide screen for the next ten after that who knows may be holograms!!! using wireless.
Version 2.0 is about to be released to cover audio-only discs and digital radio. So while it won't effect most people, it is still an evolving HDMI / BD standard!

The Sony "4K" (8k is still a ways off) has always been capable of deep color, as are the 2k professional projectors made by Barco, Christie, and NEC.
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