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Default Re: DISH Network First to Offer All Programming (Standard and High Definition) in MPE

On a practical level, most people need high speed internet service and cable companies
and Verizon offer it with HD service. If you have Direct or Dish there is no internet access. If you buy fast speed by itself you pay top dollar for truly high speed access. Easily $45+
each month. I just moved from Bright House Cable to Verizon (tel, Internet & HD-TV)
I get a HD-DVR/Receiver plus HBO for about $15 less each month than what I was spending with B.H. Cable. If you are willing to spend up to $160 a month or more for
Dish/Direct, phone + stand alone Intenet then fine.
With this economy and the prices for basic stuff up so much, I have to go with what I can afford. By the way the image on my Yamah DPX-1 and Verizon is excellent.
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