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Cool Re: Neptune EQ

Where could the digital audio be tapped off of where it would include all source components? Granted they could make an EQ that has multiple HDMI inputs and outputs, one for each component and it could switch between them, but ultimately the pre-pro has analog outputs and the power amp has analog inputs.

Not all source components have HDMI. I wouldn't want to have to direct a user to switch audio sources in both an EQ AND a pre-pro. To EQ all channels for all sources simultaneously would require huge processor power.

The monitor output could carry the signal, but the power amps still have analog inputs. Maybe using the HDMI monitor signal for the input and analog outs?

I have had issues with HDMI connections, I wouldn't look forward to more of those, but doing this all in the digital domain has merit.

24/96 is good. For an extra A/D D/A conversion, I don't have an issue with it...
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