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Wink Re: Samsung BD-P1500 vs BD-P2500

I'm lonely!

Went down to BB, showed them the $320 WM price, produced my $180 in reward certificates, and walked out with the 1500 for $140+tax. Took it home, swapped out the cheapie DVD player I had been using for six months, plugged in the ethernet cable, updated the firmware (took 15 minutes, no glitches), and watched "Seven years in Tibet".

Extremely happy with how it looked on my Mitsubishi WD-78388 73" DLP projector via the Denon 3808CI. It only takes the 1500 player 10 seconds longer than the eternity that it takes those two beasts take to sycn up, so no problem there.

Ecstatic that I could both power off/on or stop/play, and the movie picked up from whence it left off.

Wish I had a DTS blu-ray disk, as it was only Dolby Digital. Spent a lot of time trying to figure out what was wrong with the Denon/Samsung. Doh!

Transport mechanism makes a couple of clunks at the start, but overall, I am very happy.

Thank you very much!
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