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Unhappy Re: Favorite classic audio gear?

Had a bad experience this summer with my DQ10's. I've had them new since 1977 and have taken very good care of them. Woofers have been re-foamed. I don't listen to them all the time and swap them out with several other speakers I own. My system is in the basement and I store them in an unfinished area.

The area I store them in is next to the hot water heater. Long story short, one of the copper pipes at the top sprung three pin hole leaks. The leaks shot straight across the room and SMACK DAB INTO THE DQ10'S. Looking at the amount of water the leak must have been going on for a couple of days. They are ruined.

What's bad is I had the other pipe replaced a month earlier with the same issue only it missed them. Foolishly I did not move them.

Also lost a Denon turntable, the rose wood base model, a Yamaha integrated amp from 1976, and a Nakamicki cassette deck from 1978. I don't care about the exlectronics, but I feel like I lost my youth when the DQ10's were destroyed.
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