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Default Re: Favorite classic audio gear?

Ugh - brings up 'bad" memories.
My largest regret is not having purchased one directly from Mark one day at his place in NY. My ex and I were there for dinner/demo of equipment and he offered us a used one at a more-than-fair price (make that half of more-than-fair). We chose a down-payment on a much-needed car instead. Sigh ... :-(
There are more than the occasional recording I wish I could just tweak a bit; especially CDs.
While we could by no means claim to knowing Mark, he was an incredible host; he and his daughter (about 15 at the time) preparing dinner and then all of us playing music (live instruments, not on the stereo) well into the late hours.
A rare and enjoyable evening.
Wonder if my ex ever thinks about it now and then (she has our original ML-7 preamp and ML-3 amp).
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