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Default Re: Defintive Technolgy TRINITY SUB

Well, I think the Trinity Sub is definitely a great Subwoofer. It can produce some serious bass. I use it only for movies because I also have 2 BP7000SCs for the Front L+R and 2 BP7001SCs for Surround L+R (Center is CLR3000).

But I wish someone would actually MEASURE the subwoofer output. I mean put some real numbers into the picture.

My present system has changed significantly from my last post.

Current System: Denon PMA2000 IVR (3 of them), Denon DVD-5910CI, Denon DVD-3800BDCI. I'm letting the 2 Denon players do all the decoding and setting both to Source Direct, bypassing Bass Management & tones and setting all speakers to full range 20 Hz - 20 kHz. I have the option of hooking a pre-pro (like the AVP-A1HDCI) into the Power-Direct Input of the PMA2000IVR and turning the PMA2000 into plain amps.

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