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Default Re: A few more reviews and some advice...

Originally Posted by JerryDelColliano View Post
Also look at the Marantz 8002.

Blu-ray is tricky but DO NOT GO WITHOUT ONE. 1080p is the ANSWER. I use the Sony BDP-1. The Pioneer is good too - very similar.

What are you going to do about Universal remote? KennyT uses Harmony which are cheap, good and EASY to program.
I can second the Marantz SR8002, and FWIW it is what I am personally using in my bedroom system, it does lack video processing, but in that price range, no one is doing GOOD video processing anyway. The Harmony remotes are SWEET!!!!! I think the best one is the 890, which can be had @ for ~$290, and worth every penny! my step daughters and wife can work my main rig easily. That may sound simple, but my main rig houses over a dozen components and no less than six sources, so to be able to get control from a single button press from a remote is a HUGE convenience factor for me, no phone calls at work "the TV doesn't work" anymore!
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