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Exclamation Re: Kipnis Studio to expand into creating both large and small cinemas!

Originally Posted by JerryDelColliano View Post
Is it true that the Kipnis Standard is coming down soon?
Not exactly "coming down", but rather growing and expanding!

(Posted elsewhere):

As you might imagine, a full year of demonstrating The Kipnis Studio Standard - Beta System (for more than 780 lucky people - pretty much non-stop), as well as detailing my design philosophy in general for both the press and various manufacturers, has precluded doing very much research into both the Alpha (Larger) and Gamma (Smaller) systems - which necessarily require different technologies and approaches to create the same "you are there" effect.

Consequently, we are finishing up formal demonstrations for the general public, and proceeding onto several of our newest customer's who desire a Gamma System in their home or office.

Beginning September 6th, half the audio system will be removed to make room for new equipment and experimentation. We will also be shooting all new photographs of the KSS Cinema itself, and riding the promotional train around the world, once again.

So far this year, we have accumulated over 20 feature magazine articles and countless newspaper and internet mentions published in 133 countries around the world - some 250 million people are watching KSS's progress very closely - so I don't want to miss any opportunities as they arise, particularly if these will help produce better picture and sound for everyone!

Therefore, if you (or anyone) has the time, interest, and desire to experience the very best picture and sound presentation (of your personal favorites) under in a single roof - PLEASE, come on by for a complete, hand-tailored demonstration!

You will be totally astonished!!!
Cheers -


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KSS DL.TV Video Feature (NEW)

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