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Default Setting Up a new system - Please Help

Hello All,

I have been waiting for a long time and my TV room is almost built. I am putting together a system and need a lot of help. I have been reading reviews and doing online research, however I am not sure what items to choose.

I am hoping since you are the experts you would be able to give me some guidance.

Room Size 16X12, It is going to be used for watching tv/movies and listening to music(no video games, that is in another room). If I wanted to hide all the equipment there is a closet right behind the wall that the TV will go on. Just another topic for discussion.

TV Panasonic TH 50PZ800U plasma.
I am pretty much set on this one do to price and reviews

Should I mount on the wall or use an entertainment unit of some type.

Yamaha RXV3800BL(3900)
Yamaha RXV1800BL(1900)
Yamaha RXV863BL
I know that Sony,Denon,Onkyo all make basically equal receivers, from what I read I can't go wrong with the Yamaha.
Is there any major features that the above don't have, I know I read about up converting, I believe these all do it. Is there any advantage to using the higher end models or will the mid price receivers do the job.

This is the area that I am very lost. I have done some research and by first concern is that the speakers I have chosen are to much for the room. I like the look of having the speakers look like pieces of furniture.

Systems I am considering (In no particular order)
RF63-probably more than I want to spend, RF 82, RF 62, WF35,XF48
C80 series 2-C809,C80sub,C80cen,2-C803
Boston Acoustics:
Horizon 2-HS460,HPS12H,HS225,2-HS60

In addition I need some help with cables. I will need to purchase in the very near future before the walls are sheetrocked. Can you make suggestions on what cables I will need and how much I will need.

These are the basic components that I need. I haven't started looking it the other items.
Power Conditioner (surge/battery backup)
Blue Ray player
Universal remote
any other must haves that I am forgetting.

I really appreciate your help. If you would like to contact me directly my email is

Thanks in advance,

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