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Default Comments on Joe Biden

I supported Joe Biden before Hillary and his overseas appeal (conjecture: Georgia called him before Condi when Russia attacked) and power will help add some gravitas to Obama's sizzle campaign.

Yet I struggle to see how Obama in a DEAD HEAT with McCain didn't pick Hillary. JFK didn't like LBJ but he landed Texas and Texas was needed to win back then. Hillary lands you PA, OH, WV and likely FLA. Its a lock. Tell Bill - stay out of my White House and unify the party - but NO! The Howard Dean camp have all the answers. The fact is - the president is elected state by state - winner take all. Ask Al Gore for a lesson on that one. OH and FLA are important.

I think CO, NM and NV will go from Red to blue in 2008. I think PA is also likely to go blue but it isn't as much of a lock as Howard Dean thinks.

With Bush's populatiry at 20%, Osama Bin Laden not caught, an unpopular war in Iraq still raging and costing TRILLIONS, the economy in the crapper and oil at near $120 a barrel - Obama should have a 20 point lead. He doesn't and HE COULD LOSE. You heard it here first from a California democrat.

The big question for Obama is - can he convert Hillary supporters like me to a) enthusiastically supporting him and b) giving him the money he needs to wage war in the battle ground states. I am not saying NO to him (thank you Internet Brands, again) but I want to hear his plan for Capital Gains tax. Raise Social Security for people making $250,000 plus - OK. But to screw over the average American investor is NOT something I am going to invest in. Time will tell on this topic.
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