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Default Re: High end pre/pro's. Are they worth it???

Originally Posted by Lotus View Post
The real question here is what will we be getting with the new Pre-Pros?

I recently had Trinnov technology shown to me and compared side by side with Denon's top of the line unit using Audyssey. The Trinnov tech totally smoked the Denon. Of course the Trinnov eq was valued at around $15,000. Then I was shown a less expensive unit using the same tech (this is a receiver from a well known company that hasn't announced the unit yet). The receiver should street for around $3500 to $3000. It was amazing just what the Trinnov in it was capable of doing.

So we're going to see techs improve in areas of setting your sound up correctly for your room, speakers, etc. The higher end companies will likely be going with Trinnov while the mass production companies will likely stick with what they have.

As long as the high end manufacturers are going out and providing us audiophiles with reasons to invest in their products we will continue to do so. If the day comes when there is no difference besides cost we're not idiots and we'll abandon them fast just as the projector market is seeing high end units being abandoned for mass production units.

It should be interesting to see what Sherwood does with Trinnov, which seems to be a very credible and a different approach to EQ. Heaven knows, Sherwood sure needs some credibility. Trinnov seems to have strong credentials in the European pro market. Maybe Trinnov will also be a better approach to EQ in HT. We'll see. Possibly the European HT makers will get on the Trinnov bandwagon, because they do not want to do a "me, too" to their Japanese competitors, as the high enders here do not. They need to at least look like they have something different which they can claim is better, or they will lose the game.

The real point is that DSP-based EQ is here to stay. It improves the sound in very significant ways. Anybody who even thinks about making a pre/pro or even a $500 receiver without it will be an also-ran.
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