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Hi, just wanted to tell you about AIT tapes… They were developed by Sony
and are pretty similar to Data8 or 8mm cartridges in that they are
dual-reeled and they use 8mm tapes. One of the most advantageous
features of AIT tapes is that many of the generations are backwards and
forwards compatible (to read the cartridge at least). This means that
you can upgrade your current backup system to the next generation of AIT
tapes without having to transfer your whole database or backup solution
to the next generation of tape cartridges. You can check out some of
these tapes at LTO AIT Tape 4 Backup-DDS LTO DLT SDLT AIT USB Drive Hard Drives SD Cards Backup Media Tapes Tape 4 Backup or
more specifically at AIT Tapes HP Sony
AIT Tapes. You should probably also know that whilst still in use,
AIT tapes are far less popular and it is likely that they will be
replaced by some newer and better form... Already Sony is placing more
emphasis on the development of Super AIT tapes or SAIT-tapes. These are
single reeled and are similar to DLT and LTO tape cartridges with whom
SAIT tapes compete. SAIT-1 tapes have a 500 GB native capacity and can
go up to 1.3 TB in compressed form. Here's a link to check SAIT-1 tapes
out: Sony Super AIT-1 500/1.3TB Tape SAIT1-500 SAIT-1 tapes

Alrighty then, later...
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