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Default Re: Is old Proceed AVP-S still any good?

Originally Posted by kennyt View Post
It is a very good pre/pro, it doesn't do many modern things the new breed do, such as the new codecs, and I am not sure but think it is 7.1 capable. I think the real steal is the Proceed PAV/PDSD that was $10,000 retail, but can often be seen going for less than a grand.... you can even work this one to have a 5.1 analog input, but it ain't easy.

many older pre/pro's are much more difficult to set up, and do remember a general rule (obviously, it has exceptions) is to only expect ~10 years from a piece of AV gear, and the AVP is, well over ten years old.....

Thanks, it was also my way of mind, I was just quite puzzled with idea that $5K unit can now be obtained for $500. Or $10K for $1K. Not all the brands go down in price so badly.

Speaking about 10 years lifespan - do you refer to just technological standpoint like supported formats or to hardware issues - like capacitors going out of shape, etc?

Formats wise I have a huge CD collection so all I want probably is a decent DTS and 24bit DAC in a good pre-amp and I hoped to find a confirmation that, say, Proceed AVP-S does in a fact have a decent DAC. Sometimes it is quite a tricky topic - you can look at a $xxxxx unit to find that in fact it was built on same cheap internals as $200 Technics.

Thanks for a good answer, anyway. I appreciate it.
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