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Originally Posted by David DelGrosso View Post
FYI... I have spoken with numerous major label execs about this topic, and none of them are against re-releasing vintage recordings in a higher-rez format IF they can sell enough copies to yield a decent profit.

The REAL obstacle is the perception (or is it a reality?) that MOST hi-rez enthusiasts utilize a main hi-rez playback system that is centered around a Hi-Def bigscreen monitor... and therefore, these consumers no longer sit around listening to music, with NO picture!!

That is why these music execs (who also control the video rights to these artists) are motivated to release a Hi-Def concert on cableTV or HD-DVD... but are reluctant to invest a lot of money producing hi-rez "music only" discs, with no picture.

So are they right? Has "listening to music in the living room" become a completely "lost art"?


I think that there are two distinct markets.

One for hi resolution two channel playback. This group purchases form Acoustic Sounds, Music Direct and elusive disc on the vinyl. Acoustic Sounds has it's own recording business that reproduces high quality vinyl from the master analogue tapes. There are other vinyl producers but I think that the records are pressed in Japan.

The second market segment consists of people converting to home theater entertainment systems and new to the market home entertainment systems. These are the HD DVD group and multi channel SACD crowd(not to mention the home DVD and HD 1080p crowd.

Whether there is an enough profit to made selling to these groups I'm not sure but if it's just based on the sit and listen group I would not thing that there would be enough of a market.

Maybe the solution is to license the rights to the smaller labels to manufacture and distribute the HD DVD's and SACDs to this market. Then just collect the royalties. Then the record labels don't assume the investment and risk involved.

Here's a thought: How about Hi Resolution music and video simulcast(pay per view) on HD TV where you pay a flat fee to view and record the broadcast for personal use on you entertainment system?

DO I get an atta'boy for this idea?

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