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Default Re: High end pre/pro's. Are they worth it???

Originally Posted by kennyt View Post
I am curious to see what you all think of this.

I have had some of the best pre/pro's ever made, including my reference Meridian 861v4. I have also had many reference level pre/pro's along the way, going back to the Proceed PAV/PDSD combo, Linn 5103, etc....

Clearly, the pre/pro market is one of the fastest changing markets in audio, and has been for a long time. New audio and video formats have outdated older units quickly and greatly dropped any potential resale value. The best of the best pre/pro's from only a year or so ago are completely outdated now because of HDMI and all the new HDM advanced codecs.

So I ask you, is it worth buying an ultra high end AV preamp or should we all just buy the new Denon or Integra pre/pro and save our money until this crazy ride stabilizes?

If you want the new processing now, if you are buying your Blu-Ray player right now, I think you have to move towards the Integra, Denon arena. They have the products and codecs today, so, you will get the best that is currently available. And kenny, your reviews bear this out.

So, until, as you said this all does stabilize, that is what you do. Of course, if you want to sit back and wait, that is on you. Or as I like to say, that sounds like a personal issue!!!

But, also as you pointed out in your review of the Denon`s, is there ANY pre/pro out there to date, that has all the current processing and connections, and also sounds great for audio as well???
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