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Question Is old Proceed AVP-S still any good?


I see quite some amount of those units for sale on Ebay and on lists with dramatic price drops down to $500-$700 in average.
Is this once considered quite remarkable unit still good for a setup with 2channel and sub?

I have 3 digital sources plus Sony dvp-s7700 that I want to use as a transport, amp is rotel rb1080 and speakers are b&w 805s connected by monster mcx-2s and audioquest type 4, sub is JBL L8400P.

Currently as a pre-amp I use old yamaha rx-v795a. Store owner who sold me that Rotel amp told me to be quite accurate in my assumptions about pre-amps since most budget and initial quality integrated units may not be dramatically better (I assume it was his politically correct way to say - your incompetent years will hear no difference whatsoever) so I was thinking about getting something in (reasonably) better class to have 2 coax and 2 optical inputs and use this pre-amp mostly as a DAC conected via balanced outputs to rotel rb1080.

So, how good old 6-8 years old Proceed AVP-S for abstract $700 will be compared to Yamaha`s DAC? On paper it is still the same 24 bit 96kHz.

What is it in the reality? Or should I, say, bite the bullet and get something like upcoming Parasound C3? I am quite open minded, but do not really want to spend a fortune - all I want is a modestly priced relatively decent system I can enjoy without any extra hype.

I do not care about video much, but an ability to use equipment with new standards is always a welcome - I have heard that new blue-ray and any DVD players with hdmi 1.3 will be quite common soon and dvp-s7700 will not live forever, right?

Please advice, it is an extremely difficult for me to navigate in all those piles of new stuff.

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