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Default Re: High end pre/pro's. Are they worth it???

Originally Posted by wes View Post
No one needs video processing for Blu Ray? 1080p

As for DVD the new Oppo DV-983H smokes them all so personally I don't need video processing in my AV/Pre Pro I NEED OUTSTANDING SOUND that is all I care about if it does just that I am happy.

With HDMi 1.3 that should take care of the needs for the next ten years!! How better can you get than true master tapes = to the original?

The problem with having video processing in a pre/pro is that it is more likely to change than sound advances.

Dolby Digital was first used for cinema sound in 1992. It took 15 years to get Dolby True HD. DTS introduced in 1993 its DTS sound with the release of Steven Spielberg’s blockbuster Jurassic Park and in 2006 DTS demonstrates DTS-HD Master Audio at Cedia which is thirteen years later. I prove my point!
Yes, but the pace of technology change has been much quicker than it was then. Product life cycles have been shorter. I really do not expect significantly higher resolution on displays for awhile. Probably only really big screen projectors could discern it. I doubt if I could see it on my 60" display.

Nor, do I expect new 7.1 codecs beyond what BR does now. The market needs time to assimilate what is already out, and how much better could it be? The industry is still struggling, especially the hi-hi enders, to get all this stuff under control. I wonder what proportion of home theaters actually have 7.1 channels at the moment.

I do expect we will see deep color. When? Who knows? There will probably be some animated stuff that uses it first. Then, the studios will phase it in on real movies.

I expect HDMI 1.3 to be with us for some time, because it's not even fully implemented in movie releases yet. There does not seem to be a need to go beyond it unless we need higher resolution/bandwidth for video or audio. There is nothing on the horizon, yet.
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