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Default Re: High end pre/pro's. Are they worth it???

Originally Posted by fitzcaraldo215 View Post
Kenny - I only said the Integra was the best I had heard. I did not say it was the best period. We already know that Anthem sounds better with analog. When Anthem finally gets HDMI 1.3, I will have to consider it seriously. I'll bet, though that Kal said that was true with Anthem ARC EQ. Am I right?
Fitz (& all),
Please educate me on why 1.3 is necessary now. I thought that though their SSPs do not have HDMI 1.3, they would play back these new audio codecs (DTS MA, Dolby true HD) if the BD player could send multichannel PCM over HDMI.

1. Is this not true?
2. Is there any advantage to having decoding take place in the SSP? I've read some reviewers state that this is not the ideal as you lose some of the audio tracks (like the bonus/menu tracks).
3. AFAIK, HDMI 1.3a supports deep color on the video side unlike earlier HDMI versions; but there are no sources which carry this information. So there is no video performance advantage, right?

Sorry for all the questions! Reviews only carry me so far and I'm hoping to leverage on your real world experiences.

I like Anthem's concept of having a good quality video scaler in the SSP. Now if we could make that a full scale video processor with color management, I'd have my ideal new SSP!

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