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Question Creating a Blu-ray Library

I've heard people mention updating their library (collection of video discs) to Blu-ray of titles that they already have or possibly from titles that they've never owed in another format. However, at what point does it not make sense to get a particular film/title in Blu-ray?

What I mean by that is how do you know if the source material was shot in HD and that the Blu-ray product is not just an up-conversion? If you take a source that was originally done in standard definition, transfering it to Blu-ray doesn't make it HD, does it? How would that be any better than getting that same material in DVD format and using one of the latest up-conversion DVD players that does 1080i/p?

I don't know that much about the movie industry, but I know movies weren't always shot in HD, but at what point did this start to occur? Is there any valid reason, other than possible 'extras' on the Blu-ray disc, to purchase a Blu-ray version of a movie that wasn't shot in HD?

Hopefully my questions make sense. Thanks.

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