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Default Re: High end pre/pro's. Are they worth it???

Originally Posted by Rooney View Post
What led you to replace the Anthem D2 with the Denon. Other than the capacity to carry HDMI 1.3 signals, are there other differences? AFAIK, there are no sources which carry the deep color signals which 1.3 is capable. (I'm debating between these 2 preamps). Thanks in advance for your response(s)!
Well, as a reviewer, new gear shows up often. I am desperately trying to find a replacement for the sound of my Meridian 861, and WANT the new codecs, hell, I'd settle for PCM input, but the 861 doesn't do either yet. I have been going for broke trying to demo and evaluate all the newest pre/pro's to see what is the best out there, and will keep at it until I either hear them all or find what I am looking for, or Meridian releases a new 861 that does what I want.....
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