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Default Re: Anybody know why LCD's suffer from motion blur?

Originally Posted by lwoosley View Post
If this is the case, then when I buy my 52" LCD in a month or so, should I not spend the extra money for a 120Hz Samsung or Sony, and just buy the 60 Hz model?
I would still get 120Hz if I were buying an LCD. But I won't.
This seems to be a very serious drawback. The two main failures of LCDs to-date have been poor black levels and motion blur. Future generations of LCDs will have greatly improved black levels by using locally dimmable backlighting; but apparently motion blurr is irremediably inherent to this type of display technology.

Originally Posted by Trinads View Post
So if it's only a perception within the brain, does that mean that it doesn't matter how large the LCD screen is? I mean, according to that theory, it shouldn't make a difference in how large the screen is, right? Just a thought: Is this a form of propaganda in that the large TV manufacturers are telling us its in our brain, in order to degrade the value of a faster response time? It might be far fetched, but I do wonder...
I agree with Ttone, it is much more noticeable on larger screens. This is not propaganda. If anything, the manufacturers may be exaggerating the benefits of faster response/refresh rates.

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