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Default Re: High end pre/pro's. Are they worth it???

Originally Posted by kennyt View Post

If you heard what my system could do with the Meridian 861v4 and the G98DH for DVD-A or Jerry's rig with the 861/800 you would know why I say what I do. This is why it hit me the other day that this is your first system with SACD/DVD-A.

Trust me, there are better setups, I am very happy you love the new rig, but feel I must keep you in check for other readers sake and the integrity of the magazine. For those of us who have had SACD and DVD-A since their inceptions and have gone through dozens of players and pre/pro's, I can clearly tell you their is a difference between them. I would encourage you to go demo the full Meridian rig with a DVD-A of your choice (Meridian designed MLP, which DVD-A uses so they never supported SACD) and I think you will see what I mean.

The other option, which will save you tons of cash, is to just live and love the rig you have, which you obviously do. I might even say to NOT demo any other rigs as you seem so ecstatic with your current setup, listening to anything else might just lessen your enjoyment and cause upgraditis!

Kenny - I had done so with the Meridian. It's great. But, lack of features, proprietary architecture and lack of full SACD capability, not to mention astronomical cost, made my decision easy. If SACD is a tiny niche market, DVD-A is off the bottom of the charts. There is no comparison in music availability between SACD and DVD-A.
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