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Default Re: Criterion Collection uses PS3 as reference Blu-ray player

Originally Posted by TheMoose View Post
And how much did that cost?
I've been looking at Blu-ray drives for my computer but in my case I can't really see a reason since I would much rather watch Blu-ray movies on my 70" TV instead of my 24" computer monitor.
Cost me about 180.00 (My computer was already up to Blu-ray snuff so I just added the drive and in less than a year's time - that drive is selling for $105.00) I watch BD's on a 42 inch 1080p Monitor and when I really want to look at it - The 106 inch screen comes down. All of this is hooked to my PC via HDMI (I have a HDMI splitter so I don't get affected by the HDCP same signal going to two different montiors issue).

BD burners are now under $250.00! Soon it will be the same story as it was in DVD land, 800.00 PC defeats 4000.00 dvd player only this time - $750.00 PC defeats (insert BD player ). When the Xonar hits the street with its user upgradable DACs!!!??? The PC will be hard to be for PQ and AQ. If you need to score a good price on one PM me Moose. I'm not calling the PS3 bad - I'm just calling the PC great !
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