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Default Re: Criterion Collection uses PS3 as reference Blu-ray player

Originally Posted by prerich View Post
My player is 2.0 and its not a PS3. My player loads faster than the PS3 (3 - 5 seconds) and can decode all the lossless codecs (still have downsampling on some things but that will be remedied very shortly). It's my PC And it has better PQ than a PS3 (you know - upconversion and all - and I also can do 1080p stuff too )

Edit: Oh I forgot - I have implimented the temporary fix to down sampling found in Vista itself (re-upsample as high as 192khz/24bit) I'm also getting the Xonar HDAV 1.3 when it hits the shelves.
And how much did that cost?
I've been looking at Blu-ray drives for my computer but in my case I can't really see a reason since I would much rather watch Blu-ray movies on my 70" TV instead of my 24" computer monitor.
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