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Default Re: I ordered a Toshiba XA2

Originally Posted by mikek58 View Post
I got my xa2 from Amazon $ 533.00
I have just a few quirks.
MY picture is awesome !!!!!
Samsung 50 Plasma 1080I handles very nicely
Upconversion on standard discs beeter then most upconverts out there.

I've had to unplug set just a few times when it "FROZE UP" for no apparent reason.
Unpluged it and all was fine.
I orderded Discovery Atlas HD-DVD Australia form Amozon both copies did not play on player. The player completely froze and would not play any other discs.
But I unplugged it and all was fine.
Itsa great machine so far.
I just watched 300 on it and was blown away no difficulties.
Thanks for the great feedback.

I am a little bitter my XA1 didn't last longer. $1000 should get me more than one year.
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