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Default Re: Criterion Collection uses PS3 as reference Blu-ray player

Originally Posted by hodedofome View Post
You must have had a bad unit or not set up right, the VP-50 Pro is highly reviewed and the technology it has is in the Oppo 983 dvd player which is known to be about the best (video quality) you can get. To say the PS3 has the processing power (and implementation) of a $3500 video processor is silly, just look at the upconverting capability and HQV tests.
The VP-50 Pro is good, but it is not the holy grail of video processing. There are better units within $1-2k of its price. And to say that a Funai player would give the same results is just ludicrous. The transport is an important part of any disc player, dropped data at the transport is gone forever. It can be masked, but never replaced. Let's not forget what high FIDELITY really means.

BTW, the Oppo is just okay as a DVD player. Most of the the tests in the DVD Benchmark everyone refers to are frame-rate and responsiveness tests. That's great, so it can handle bad edits and screwed up cadences, that makes up a few dozen frames of a given movie. During the other 325,000 frames, the actual picture quality on that player is ok at best. The Denon players, which also did well on that test, actually have good picture quality, but no one wants to hear that because they don't cost $129.99 on ebay.
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