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Default Re: Criterion Collection uses PS3 as reference Blu-ray player

Originally Posted by jjgasp View Post
I'm not quite so sure about that. I demoed the DVDO VP-50 Pro a few months ago, and felt that it wasn't worth anywhere near the bang for the buck (thanks God for Audiogon.) Alot of the newest pre/pro's and televisions already have pretty high-end video processing chips and hardware installed already. Granted, they don't have all the tweakability found in the DVDO. The Sony PS3 has been acknowledged by many to be one of the best BD players on the market, and with the added bonus of being a game console, an absolute bargain.
You must have had a bad unit or not set up right, the VP-50 Pro is highly reviewed and the technology it has is in the Oppo 983 dvd player which is known to be about the best (video quality) you can get. To say the PS3 has the processing power (and implementation) of a $3500 video processor is silly, just look at the upconverting capability and HQV tests.
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