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Default Re: Criterion Collection uses PS3 as reference Blu-ray player

The real problem with Criterion isn't their choice of disc-playback hardware, it's been their choice of *monitors*.

Watching a 1080p Blu-ray Disc, via any player on the market, from a viewing angle of 2 screen-widths or greater on a small 1080p plasma or CRT isn't going to reveal the Halmark problems of Criterion DVDs: Edge-Enhancement and lack of fine detail.

Crtierion needs to get with the program and get a 1080p front-projection system where they can critically evaluate detail/resolution issues from a screen with of 1.25 or wider to ensure that their masters are as transparent as possible.

Then, use CRT to evaluate black level and contrast as a separate exercise. Using small CRT displays as the overall evaluation tool is useless when you're trying to replicate theatrical viewing angles in the home from, what could be, a visually transparent 1080p medium.
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