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Default Re: High end pre/pro's. Are they worth it???

Originally Posted by fitzcaraldo215 View Post
Ken - I finally read your review of the Denon pre/pro. I note that you made no mention of Audyssey, which I personally think is an essential major contributor to getting the very best sound possible from a contemporary pre/pro. Since you did not mention it, I assume you did not use it in the review. It might have made a large difference in your sonic criticisms of the Denon's lack of smoothness and separation. We shall see if the new EQ in the Anthem D1/D2 is as good or better than Audyssey.
You know when writing a review of a piece like this, it becomes a monster in itself, I did in fact use the Audyssey to set up the system, and re-ran it several times with different seating positions to see how it worked, it can also be switched on and off, albeit with a bit of delay unlike the Anthem D2 which is essentially instantaneous when turning on and off the EQ. I like the D2 better so audio, for the new codecs, the Denon AVP is really excellent, and in a pure HT, likely the pre/pro to beat.

Sorry for missing that, you try to cover everything and at some point, it's just to much, that review was well over 4,000 words, close to 5,000 at one point!
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