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Exclamation Sony Electronics 1080P Input Settlement

This just in:


If you purchased or received as a gift a Sony high-definition television model:

KDS-R50XBR1, KDS-R60XBR1, *KDS-70Q006*, or KDX-46Q005

(the “Television(s)”), on or before July 25, 2008, you may be eligible to receive a settlement benefit.

Generally, to qualify you must have purchased (1) a Television, and (2) a device that produces an output visual signal of 1080p and can deliver a 1080p signal to a Television via an HDMI port (“1080p device”). A partial list of these 1080p devices is attached to this Notice.


*$90.00 Cash Payment
If you previously contacted Sony regarding the PC Input capability of your Television, you will automatically receive a check for $90.00.*

*$180.00 or $60.00
E-Credit for past purchase of 1080p device

Submit a claim form, with the required proofs of purchase of a 1080p device, and you can receive: (1) a $180.00 e-credit (good towards the purchase of any item available on if you have a KDS-70Q006 or KDX 46Q005 Television or (2) a $60.00 e-credit if you have a KDS-R50XBR1 or KDS-R60XBR1 Television.

*$75.00 or $28.00
E-Credit for future purchase of Sony Blu-ray Disc Player*

If you purchase a Sony Blu-ray Disc Player between July 25, 2008 and 30 days after final approval of this proposed settlement, and you provide the required proofs of purchase, you can receive: (1) a $75.00 e-credit if you have a KDS-70Q006 or KDX 46Q005 Television or (2) a $28.00 e-credit if you have a KDS-R50XBR1 or KDS-R60XBR1 Television.

*2. What is this lawsuit about?

This lawsuit is about the ability of certain Sony-brand televisions to display and/or accept a 1080p input signal. When you plug a video device into a television, that device transmits a video signal, which is then converted into an image that is shown on the screen. Plaintiff claimed that SEL and ABC Appliance represented and advertised that certain Sony high-definition televisions had a 1080p display resolution, but that these representations were misleading because the televisions did not always provide a 1080p display resolution, were incapable of accepting input of 1080p signals, and could not accept and display video content at 1080p resolution via the televisions’ PC and HDMI Input. SEL and ABC deny that they did anything wrong.
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