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Default Re: High Resolution Music

Originally Posted by jbk View Post
In my experience, most music isn't high quality sound is because the public doesn't really demand high definiton or resolution sound. And, the record industry as a whole doesn't really care if they produce high quality recordings.

Because of this, it looks like SACD and DVD Audio are going to remain a niche market for classical and some jazz recordings. but I don't see record companies converting their catalogs to great extent these formats. And, I don't see any wholesale conversion rock to high resolution music.
FYI... I have spoken with numerous major label execs about this topic, and none of them are against re-releasing vintage recordings in a higher-rez format IF they can sell enough copies to yield a decent profit.

The REAL obstacle is the perception (or is it a reality?) that MOST hi-rez enthusiasts utilize a main hi-rez playback system that is centered around a Hi-Def bigscreen monitor... and therefore, these consumers no longer sit around listening to music, with NO picture!!

That is why these music execs (who also control the video rights to these artists) are motivated to release a Hi-Def concert on cableTV or HD-DVD... but are reluctant to invest a lot of money producing hi-rez "music only" discs, with no picture.

So are they right? Has "listening to music in the living room" become a completely "lost art"?

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