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Smile Re: High end pre/pro's. Are they worth it???

thanks for both of the above replies....I'm taking home that I should run a quality hdmi 1.3 cable from my BD source into my new hd audio compliant processor; then run one hdmi 1.3 cable into the back of my 1080p rear projection tv for best audio and video. I'll be utilizing the best of the BD player; and processor; and TV for all worlds; and run it on 24 frames at 120 hz on the tv monitor....

I will wait until after cedia and find a new bd player that is configured for the new 2.0 version....and hopefully find a new high end pre-pro that can handle this format; hopefully something less expensive than the Krell evo 707. It sounds that I should consider the Halcro 220 as best bet at this time...I really appreciate the help and feedback.
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