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Default Re: High end pre/pro's. Are they worth it???

Originally Posted by mribob View Post
Rookie question regarding high end pre-pro: if you purchase a quality processor with good internal dacs and video processing; how does it improve the signal if you have a very good BD source; or digital source allready? Does it make sense to pass thru the signal to the amp if you have a good incoming digital signal; or are there benefits to have that signal further processed? Should they all be run in via hdmi; with its attendant problems of jitter, noice; or via quality cables? Or to bring it down to basics; where is the best bang for buck spent to optimize signal path for sound and video output? thanks.
Short answer: get a BR player without analog outs and hook it to your pre/pro – Integra DTC 9.8/9.9 or better, if there is such a thing (I doubt it) – via HDMI 1.3a. You will get undoubtedly get the best quality, and certainly the best bang for the buck this way. Your player will then not have a lot of useless duplication of capabilities already better implemented in the pre/pro.

Note that even BR players that decode the lossless 7.1 codecs do not output this in
7.1. They output the “core” Dolby or DTS in 5.1 using the low bit rate, older versions of their format. So, the sound via analog out from the player is going to be much worse. You need HDMI to get the full sonic benefits of BR. It’s the only way.

Jitter has really not been a major problem for quite some time, even though the audiophile magazines keep writing about it for some reason. It was for quite awhile in Redbook CD, but digital quality keeps improving at an immensely higher rate than analog. Old audiophile beliefs die hard.

Noise is much worse in analog transmission. If this were not so, telephone companies would not have converted to digital transmission as they did years ago. EMI and RFI just do not affect well engineered digital transmission like they do all analog transmission.

If jitter and noise were a problem, we would really see it on the video side, which requires hugely more bandwidth than the audio side. I do not know anyone who thinks analog component interconnect is a better video connection than digital HDMI. If they do, they are a little wacko, in my opinion. The exception to this is manufacturers and dealers who sell super high end stuff, which is embarrassingly far behind the Asian HT main stream in technology, like HDMI 1.3A, among many others. They are not wacko, they are either greedy or just plain liars.
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