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Cool Re: High end pre/pro's. Are they worth it???

Originally Posted by mribob View Post
Rookie question regarding high end pre-pro: if you purchase a quality processor with good internal dacs and video processing; how does it improve the signal if you have a very good BD source; or digital source already? Does it make sense to pass thru the signal to the amp if you have a good incoming digital signal; or are there benefits to have that signal further processed? Should they all be run in via hdmi; with its attendant problems of jitter, noice; or via quality cables? Or to bring it down to basics; where is the best bang for buck spent to optimize signal path for sound and video output? thanks.
With Digital Blu ray for video you want pass through direct no messing around with processing, for audio if you use DD tru HD or DTS HD Master audio it should also be pass through with no messing around. Now for DVD and regular CDs you might want the best DACs you can offer, I believe that is what Classé had in mind when they designed their SSP-800. We will hear how it works
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