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Default Re: recommendations on high end Blue Ray players

Most BD players have been disappointing to date. All of the models you mention are older models which are extremely SLOW, often have trouble with firmware updates, and frequently have trouble just playing back newer BD releases. If you want a more up-to-date player, and have to buy one right now, you might consider the Panasonic DMP-BD50. It has the latest specification which is called "Profile 2.0"; it decodes all HD audio formats, and has 5.1 analog outputs you can use with your older receiver. (For 7.1 audio, you have to use HDMI.) Unfortunately, this player does not upconvert regular DVDs well. But you could get an OPPO for those. Or you could wait a few months more for some new players that have not yet been reviewed. The Sony BDP-S550, and the Samsung BD-P2500 should be released soon. They are both Profile 2.0 and decode all audio formats. They also both reportedly have 7.1 analog outputs, as well.
Blu-ray is still a new technology, and it always takes manufacturers a few generations to get things right. I certainly wouldn't recommend spending a grand or more on any of today's players, you would be better off just getting an inexpensive one to tide you over until next year when there should be better, (and more affordable) options to chose from. JMO Good luck.
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