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Default recommendations on high end Blue Ray players

I am in process of reviewing hi end BD players for my home theater/two channel audio system; so both high quality video; and audio with the new HD codecs are important to me. I am running this thru a Meridian G-68; which at time will not handle the hdmi; or new codecs; but will change for a new processor when the dust settles on that issue.
I'd appreciate any feedback or observations about build quality; reliablity and video and audio quality on the following producst:
1.Pioneer BDP. 95FD
2. Marantz BD 8002 1.1
3. Denon 3800 BDCI 1.1
4.Sony 3DP 5200es

Other products that I should consider? These all retail between $1 and $2k. I guess these play back better in the 24 frame mode; or should it be played on the tv at 120hz refresh rate at 1080p. I don't have hd at this time; so I'm not sure the best method of setting up and viewing.

Thanks for your thoughts.
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