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Default Re: Not sure what to buy (Levinson 502, Meridian G Series other)

I have the Denon 3800BDCI, and I only kept it because the audio quality is very good. DTS-HD MA sounds great on it. Video is mediocre at best. My LG BH-200, LG BH-100, and Sony PS3 all have a much better picture. After some discussions with my dealer, we decided that the only way to get a better picture is to re-isf the projector to this player which I am not too excited about.

Also, to be back on topic, I have not heard a Krell or Proceed pre/pro that I have liked.
I have never been excited about Classe either. My experience with Meridian has always been it just doesn't seem to perform as well as it should if the whole system is not Meridian. Even with the few problems I have had with my Halcro, it still is the best pre/pro I have heard. Unless you are just dying to have a pre/pro process the new codecs instead of only MCPCM, the Halcro should be the choice. BTW, on Tuesday Halcro sent me the software update to make my 200 a 220.

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