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Default Re: Not sure what to buy (Levinson 502, Meridian G Series other)

I posted a similiar thread on audigon HT; wanting to upgrade from my G-68; to utilize the codecs of HD audio and blue ray...didn't consider the ML 502; or waiting for the Krell 707; but this is getting expensive...and there are not that many blue ray discs that I want to watch; and we may evolve into distributed hd content; making these processors and players of limited utility; so my question is whether to wait; or try to maintain cutting edge for a balanced home theater/two channel system. Meridian is supposed to have the v6 out soon; which also may be a good processor. I am getting confused and frustrated that the major vendors have had these delays in providing the products we G-98 does a very good job of upconverting standard dvd's; and I enjoy the sound on my system; but I have not yet improved my Mitsubishi rear projection dlp that will be my first order of business this year; and I'll wait until after CEDIA to see what's on the horizon; and keep my system unchanged, but will by either the Marantz BD player for $2k; or the new Denon. Any recommendations on those two units?
Glad I'm not alone out there struggling with these issues. I'm new to this world and hobby; with out much interaction with others; and I enjoy and appreciate these forums. Thanks.
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