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Default Re: The Martin Logan Purity Review

Hello all, hoping for some advice or an opionion. I've decided to purchase the ML Purity speaker set as my first set of audiophile-ish speakers. My primary reasons for this are:

-relative low cost due to integrated amplifier (all i need is a preamp, less wire to buy, etc)
-good reviews and well-known brand
-my wife says they are good looking enough to go in our living room (which also happens to be the best listening room in the house)

My question is this: what is a good lower-cost preamp to pair with these speakers? I have the following requirements:

-level control (of course, preferably with remote)
-phono preamp (for my Thorens turntable with new Grado Prestige Gold cartridge)
-D/A convertor with optical or coax input (for use with a computer)
-standard line input (for future use)

Basically, I've ripped my entire CD collection using a lossless codec to play straight from the computer. I have a record collection I want to play on the turntable which I've been upgrading.

Obviously, I'm looking for bang-for-the-buck. I'd be willing to drop the D/A convertor requirement and instead purchase a more high-quality sound card, but I dont like the idea of a RF-noisy comptuer having a non-isolated connection to an analog preamp.

Well, any ideas?? I may try posting this on a more general thread but thought I would start here.

thanks - djm
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